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good Christmas presents

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good Christmas presents

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Because I am nothing if not predictable:

Room 50 VPX
A special gift has been given in your name.
The gift of sight is the gift of light - and life.
To my tribe and the best workshop ever,

A small gift can have a huge impact.
The gift given in your name will give sight to a man or boy blinded by cataracts. Restored sight means a father or grandfather can once again earn an income. A boy can go to school and see hope for the future. This gift of cataract surger through an Operation Eyesight partner hospital in Africa or India will result in freedome from a life of darkness and restored hope and dignity.

In other present news, I got a Kobo! Actually I got two, because both Mark and Chris decided to get me one, and only discovered the duplication when Mark picked Chris up at the ferry. So they tossed for who took one back. Chris was the one who taught me to use it, set up calibre and sent me info on dropbox, though.
(The menfolk are wrapping rippers, and I am a wrapping saver. They were saying 'Just rip it!' and I said 'I am ripping! I'm just ripping very carefully.')

The best present, though, is the lab results from Mark's biopsy in early December. Cancer-free. That piece of paper went under the tree, for the whole family.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!
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