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flag planted on tibial plateau

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flag planted on tibial plateau

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Just covering all the entrances here - Last Sunday (May 19) I was pruning a tree, when a branch sprang back and pushed me off the stepladder, about 3 or 4 rungs up. I landed on one foot, jarred my knee and fell down. I called Mark, he made sure I could bend the knee, which I could, but when he helped me to stand up the knee bent in the other alignment as well. This is distressing.
Fortunately we live near the hospital (walking distance, ha ha). So from 3 pm to 10 pm I lay about on a stretcher in a corridor, had x-rays and a CT scan, read one paperback and two ebooks (Shadows on the Moon by Zoe Marriott and Hunter's Moon by Doyle & Macdonald), and was eventually sent home with a leg immobilizer, crutches, and a little envelope of hydromorphone.
Chipped tibial plateau. Photo of the CT scan on my blog, more on Facebook.
Now I'm at home, downstairs on the foldout bed because our house has stairs. I'm not in any particular pain, getting by with an extra-strength acetaminophen at night. I'm doing some weights and leg-lifts to keep the muscle twitches at bay, and I'm only sleeping 2 or 3 hours during the day, now. In another 5 days I can open the immobilizer and gently bend my leg, which I am looking forward to like you wouldn't believe.
But no weight on the leg until I've seen the orthopedic guy again, June 28, when I find out whether there's ligament/tendon damage as well as the chipped bone. So every crutch-borne excursion to the washroom or to the doctor's is fraught with worry that I'll tip and catch myself with the bad leg and bugger my knee up for good and all.
On the plus side, this gives me lots of time to write once I can stay awake.
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