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not an actual diagnosis

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not an actual diagnosis

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But two of the friends who came for dinner tonight, one a nurse who now teaches at the community college, the other a med student going for sports medicine, had a look at my leg (unwrapped). Both have also seen the xray & CT scan pics that Mark took from the screen, and heard my account of what happened.
And they are of the opinion (though as they both said, not the diagnosis) that the reason I'm not in any particular pain is that the ligaments aren't torn - they're detached. Meaning an operation to re-attach, and another 6 weeks recuperation, at some point. Which they reassured me wasn't a big deal.

I had noticed that the doctors had been kind of skating around that topic, and I would rather someone was straight with me. But while I realise that it doesn't make any difference at present and that there's nothing I can do about it either way, it is somewhat disheartening to consider the likelihood that there's a bunch more to go of this. 
Also my right hand hurts when I put weight on it, which makes the crutching harder just when I was getting the hang of it.
My 'it could be worse' reflex is a little tired.
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